Metallocene ethylene-hexene copolymer 

The copolymers of ethylene and 1-hexene were prepared with half-metallocene titanium complex
The initial concentrations of 1-hexene were varied to investigate how the different amounts of co monomer affect on the catalytic activity of copolymerization system and Microstructure of the copolymers. It has been found that this catalytic system was not active for hexene polymerization,However, it can be active when ethylene was introduced to perform ethylene-hexene copolymerization. As co monomer, 1-hexene provides positive co monomer effect on the system although very high concentration of 1-hexene was introduced. However, the microstructures of the obtained copolymers, which were examined by 13C-NMR, need to be improved
because with highly alternating sequence distribution of co monomer causing them losing some essential specific thermal properties.

For Example:

Enable™ 20-05 HH – Enable™ 20-10 Series – Exceed™ 1018HA – Exceed™ 1018KB