Taisser Plast was established in 2000 and started operation in 2003 with more than 80 clients.

We expanded our business to cover more than 20 products of Raw Materials of polyethylene (High Density – Low Density), Polypropylene, Polystyrene and all kinds of Master Batch.
Now we have reached more than 500 types of Polymers and Master batch and more than 800 clients covering all governorates of Egypt. We are proud that during our years of operation we have always kept our reputation and the loyalty of our customers. We now, not only supply our customers with Raw Materials and Polymers, but we also provide, PVC, PET, Metallocene, Inks, Solvents and Coloring Master Batch· VINACOLOUR CO., LTD


We’re full service which means we’ve got you covered on Raw materials and quality products for the lowest prices.

We train them to value the customer and understand the consumers are the cornerstone of the business and this mentality needs to be shared by all employees. As our Service Policy should make our work and our staffs’ work easier so that they can provide answers without having to ask a higher authority. For sure this will help us to make our clients or customers happy and satisfied because it is extremely important that we capture their loyalty and approval.

Our Strategies

Our Company was established 13 years ago so we had to execute long-term strategy to drive growth and the Company’s financial performance.

El Taisser Plast strategies’ are focused on these goals :-
•Deliver growth in organic sales and operating income.
•Strengthen the global scale through the global customers, global process design and Productivity.
•Reduce costs and increase productivity to drive margins
•Generate strong return on invested capital.

Our News